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Published Books - Jennifer Rawls
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The Week Before Christmas is a sweet story about Cassie Shaw, a woman who has experienced tragic losses but has persevered for and with her children. When her young son is wrongly accused of shoplifting, Jake Crandall, the workaholic owner of Crandall's Department Store goes out of his way to apologize and to help Cassie and her four children. As Cassie learns to follow her heart again, Jake realizes that there is much more to life than work. Together, they discover the magic that exists in the week before Christmas.

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Let her know that you want to know her stories and how she became the strong woman she is.  Inspired by my mother, this is a great gift for your wife, partner, friend, mother, sister, aunt, any woman who wants to leave a legacy with her story.

This guided journal offers 31 prompts about different areas of your life. As you write your life's stories, you will celebrate the strong woman you are. Sharing your stories strengthens bonds, inspires your family and friends, and creates a living legacy through your words and memories. Write your story in your way and remember the times and people that made you the strong woman you are!


THE VOTE is a fictional retelling of the fight for suffrage against a backdrop of opulence and elegance, money, power, greed, altruism, and civil rights. It’s the story of politics versus personal rights. At a time when the nation was between wars, before the Great Depression when patriotism and prohibition were in vogue, both parties need an infusion of new voters to carry victory to the White House. But the men who ran the railroads and the manufacturing plants need cheap labor – child labor – and giving women the right to vote might mean an eventual change in labor laws and a demand for public education and fair wages.


Katherine Grainger is in a funk.  Widowed in her mid-fifties and bored after the closing of her beloved local theatre, she’s looking for…something.  She does what any normal person with no experience and too much time on her hands would do.  She gets her name on the ballot for the state senate.  What follows is a rollicking journey through an unpredictable political landscape.  Katherine becomes the candidate everyone loves. 


But will anyone actually vote for her?

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