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Before my mother passed away in October 2019, one of the things she loved to do most was read. My father would take her to our local library every week or so and she would choose a dozen or more books. She shared her reading love affair with me, and I could always count on receiving the latest titles from our favorite authors on special occasions. She kept an inventory of the books she’d read in a three-ring binder that she took to the library or bookstore with her because she often checked books out more than once if she didn’t have her list.

As a result of our shared passion for reading (which we also share with my dad and son), I now have hundreds of books and dwindling shelf space. If you, too, enjoy reading modern fiction authors, please check out My Library where I’ll offer great deals on titles we loved.

I’ll add to the inventory regularly so make sure you check back often – especially if you love reading as much as my mom did.


Coming Soon!

Grab a few of your favorites and enjoy!
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