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Are your characters based on real people?
Some of the characters in “The Vote” were real people: Carrie Chapman Catt, Anne
Dallas Dudley, Charl Williams, Governor Roberts, Speaker of the House Seth Walker, and a few others were real people who were actually there during the 1920 debates and
vote. All other characters, including those in future planned books, are fictional and bear
no resemblance to anyone I know personally. Really. Seriously, they don’t.


Are you really an attorney?
Yes, I am licensed to practice law in the State of Tennessee.


Where do you come up with your stories?
“The Vote” is based on the August 1920 ratification of the 19th Amendment which gave
women the right to vote and which took place in my hometown, Nashville, Tennessee.
The ideas for my other fiction books can come from anywhere…a plane flying overhead,
an old stone wall bordering a road, someone’s laugh. The world is a source for stories
and I never really know when or where inspiration will strike.


Is writing historical fiction harder than traditional fiction?
For me, it’s just different. Fortunately, I love to do research which is a major
requirement for historical fiction. It was important to me to honor the people who were
actually involved in the story as it unfolded. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures from
1920 Nashville and reading the accounts of what happened. I tried to include the tenor of
their language and what I discovered about their lives in the fictional conversations in
the book. In writing about real people, my hope is to pay them tribute in an honest way.
I don’t have that worry about writing general fiction.



What’s your next project?
My next book is called “Fulfill the Law” and it’s about a young female lawyer who finds
herself in the most challenging case of her career. The story includes love, deception,
family ties, manipulation, greed, hope, faith, and ambition. It’s an emotional roller
coaster against the backdrop of a difficult legal case.



Will you change your FAQ’s?
Of course. Please let us know what other questions you have and we’ll update often.

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